Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blogger for Android

The interface seems nice enough.

edit: not a bad application. The picture quality is decent, but the IS03's picture quality is lacking anyways. Also, it doesn't seem like this app lists the posts that I make through the website itself, only of the ones that are made through the app. That's kind of a bummer.


  1. speaking of androids...
    i'm thinking about getting one, anyone have suggestions? i was thinking about the htc incredible, well message me if you do, thanks!

    will be back on your blog, follow me back if you want to laugh at my grandpa!

  2. I don't have a lot of experience with Androids. My current one can't even be rooted. What sucks even more is that my Android is only available in Japan, so there are hardly any developers.

    There are less than 10 people that I know that have the phone, speak English, and are interested in rooting. Out of those 10, well less than 10, only one of them can actually do anything close to developing...

    Huh, I should write a post about my phone.